Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Is Catspaw?

Born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory as a sourdough; I have yet to figure why Yukoners are considered such by doing a little research on it, should be interesting. In my formal years teachers recognized my writing abilities and started me on a path to nurture them. I loved words and the power they have to create imagery with all I was worth; I practiced writing every type of story and poem that came to me. Those journals, some going back years, go with me no matter where I am; so I take after my Dad who was a writer himself.

I was in my teens before we left Whitehorse for Vancouver, BC. I became a Vancouverite. We left in the early 70's because for some reason there were many suicides that year and some were people my family knew; sometimes the Land of the Midnight Sun lives up to its name and causes people to go a little stir-crazy, especially in winter. Then after 25 years there I moved to Kelowna, BC and met my husband online; after we were married, we moved to Calgary, Alberta (Albertan) and out to the farms I've been telling you about. I had grown up with cats since my early childhood and we had some pretty special ones in Alberta.

January 3rd of 2008 I joined Ezine and began writing a series of original, web-content articles and quickly reached the platinum level in the directory. I published 38 over the next few years; but I've been away for awhile. I did earn a couple of badges; I've gone from Basic Plus Author to Intermediate Expert to Platinum Expert and have badges for Bookworm, Wordsmith, Scholar, Around the House plus Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just to name a few. Here is the link,

A little later on one of my goals with this Blog is to join other article directories like Hotpages and Go Articles so I can pursue more adventurous topics and expand my range of article material. I am currently working on a series of stories based on the Bible for which I have a publisher who is interested in publishing a book of these short stories later this year or next.

For right now I am working from home and as secretary for both my husband and his business partners while he is working on a dairy. We are building, when chance permits, our own home on two acres from scratch; literally from the foundation to the finished home.  Hence my interest in rural living and all it entails.

Some of my hobbies include writing inspirational, how-to and informational articles, digital photography, online scrapbooking, rural living and doing things from scratch and caring for any animals that need my help. For instance, when hubby first brought me to the island he thought I'd enjoy trying things like lobster, it being very popular on PEI and I probably would have had I not learned that I go 'living' to their demise - I'd have them in the bathtub as pets faster than you could turn around!

My favorite movies include Memoirs of a Geisha, Gladiator, Riddick series, all Agatha Christie and Jane Austin movies, Underworld, Van Helsing, Resident Evil series, Immortal Beloved and 13 Ghosts. Favorite authors include Jane Austin and Agatha Cristie and others along that vane. Music, most soft rock.  

So that is a little about Catspaw a.k.a. Stephanie

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