Sunday, March 11, 2012

*~~* Future Plans for the Cat Collar With Bell Blog *~~*

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The 'Over the Horizon' Future of My Blog
Originally my blog was intended to share different aspects of living with cats, as pets, as friends and as companions. To share with my readers and visitors cat stories, pictures and products; links, poems, videos; the humor and the pitfalls; recipes. Helping articles, commentary, information and... something more. The something more was to be encouragement, bravery to face life's tougher moments and situations, inspiration and spiritual mews. So far I think I'm doing fairly well though its taken a bit of time to find my way...

I'm looking at expanding on these aspects and adding to them as I grow into my blog so you can expect the occasional writing that has little to do with my topic and I hope you will forgive the diversion as I explore 'something more' along the way. Please be advised that I would never post a blog concerning something or about a product that I don't, myself, believe in; nor would I offer a link or ad that would mislead my faithful readers and visitors. 

The future of my blog is to become an expert in the eyes of my readers/visitors and become known for my love and respect of all animals. To share the knowledge and occasionally, the wisdom of what I have learned over my lifetime. This will include the occasional 'somethings more'. If there is a topic, subject or idea that you have that you'd like to see expanded on my blog, please let me know by leaving a comment.


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