Monday, March 19, 2012

Cats and Dogs ~~ Go Figure!

Usually on a sunny day I leave the porch door open to get the benefit of a sunny spot where the cats can sun and snooze. This day was heard a mad and violent banging at the door combined with a mixture of strained yowls so terrible it brought me running to the door!

My Drama Queen was have a hissy fight with the door and in particular, with what lay beyond ~~~

two dogs outside and cat in porch
Molly violently reacted
It was a visit from the dogs down the lane, so to speak. 

A blond Boxer and a mini Dobi ~ friendly enough dogs but they like to terrorize the barn cats and create havoc on the dairy in general... Just dogs having fun I guess.

outdoor dogs, indoor cat
The frantic pounding on the door and the screaming yowl from Molly didn't take long to convince the dogs they weren't welcome and Molly, the attack cat, was ready for them if they insisted in pressing their claim.

It was hard to get a picture of Molly in action as she acted way too quickly.

This was not the calm situation presented here!
I hunted through my fridge and found leftovers the cats would turn their perky noses at ~~ so I gathered it up and gave it to the dogs. 

dogs eating pasta
There's nothing funnier that a dog with spaghetti on his face!

spaghetti eating dogs
After the meal and my cleaned out fridge, they happily headed home and left the barn cats alone, who by this time had made themselves pretty scarce. I happily cleaned the rest of my fridge! Molly was happy that she triumphed over the dogs and protected her territory. 

Yes, everyone came away happy from the situation.


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