Monday, April 23, 2012

The Barn Cats Call This Home

At this moment, 7:30 in the am on the Island, I have three barn cats in the house along side my four. The three, two greys and a black, are playing with each other around the rocking chair. Usually there is a fourth grey but he decided he'd be outside this morning. So the others are playing, hissing and snipeing at each other while my own are sitting somewhere and watching the entertainment. The fourth grey is a male, he asks to come the same way Winston and Emerald do, pawing at the window. The little grey cat is a female that I was able to get Cat Action to fix; her friend, the black one is a female too, while the two other greys are males. 

black and grey barn cats in cat tree box

These two females are great friends, they finally discovered they could get up into the cat tree box and nothing bad would happen. That, of course, was just before we had to put it out on the patio. 

Black cat in box
It took quite a long time for these girls to trust me. I had to make friends with them using food and coaxing, then manage to catch them and bring them in. Finally they decided I really was their friend and one day, each came in on her own.

grey cat shows shaved belly

When I took her in and the Vet spayed her, she made no difficulties at all. She is so small that I think if she did have kittens, it would be a risk to her life. She's been quite happy since and the fur on her belly is starting to grow back.

Cat Tree on porch with black cat

I call her Blackie. This is where the cat tree has ended it days for now.

Blackie is curious about the new addition to the back porch.

All the barn cats play on it and in it. Over the weeks it has rained some so I had to remove the boxes when they got soggy and flatten out. 

My hubby is now saying that he will reuse this same tree, shaped different (without the limbs) and with a sturdy stand to make another one. 

Recycle. Reuse. 

cats watching cat tree activity

How many cats can you see?

cats eating

Bet you can't pick out which are mine?

Once we actually get a hint of spring, the barn cats will be outside, permanently and they will go back to their hunting. 



  1. You had quite the party there! I can't imagine that many cats in the house at one time, I have enough trouble with two.

  2. Oh, I've had more than that in the house. Especially last year when my two females had kittens, then Merrill found more kittens... The barn cats always come round although I've managed to keep their numbers in the house down to 3, sometimes 4 grey and 1 black.


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