Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Announcement Concerning 'Sailor and the Ruined Castle'

Lately I have been more and more concerned about posting my story about Sailor on my blog.

Once the story has completed itself, I had originally planned to make it into an e-book to sell but if I'm blogging it twice a week, there's not much point. I also have a publisher who has shown interest in my work.

Further to this, I know that a handful of visitors are viewing it, maybe following it. All I see is a number beside the pageviews of each blog; I don't know that anyone is reading it or if they just stopped by.

To date, of the story that has been blogged, I have never received any feedback or comments on it so I have to assume that its not very popular or of any real interest to my readers. With this in mind I have decided to no longer blog Sailor's story. I apologize to anyone who may have been reading or following it.

I will have plenty of other things to tell you about though so I hope I haven't lost any of my readers or visitors. I value all of you. 



  1. I did follow the story some days, but I also for various reasons missed some days. So now to go back and read the complete story would be a challenge....I think it would be much easier (for me) just to read an actual book version.

    1. I've been working on the story. It will be awhile yet before its published but it will be well worth the wait to read it.


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