Friday, April 20, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

The day became indistinct and bleak as the fog sank over the village. Everywhere a single activity was being practiced by the residents who hastened to street shops that were being secured. Doors to houses were closing and windows banged shut. In the space of an hour the beautiful little fishing village became unrecognizable as a ghost town. The fog was accompanied with the dampness of the ocean and not long after its descent, everything was wet and cold. Sailor crouched as far inside the alcove of a doorway as he could manage, his fur was damp and he was chilled to the bone. He squatted there in misery. A sudden, loud crack of thunder burst above the town, so close that it made the quaint little buildings shake. Sailor instinctively jumped at the piercing noise and pressed himself further into the unyielding wooden door-frame for what little shelter it offered him. Excited voices could be heard from within as children were admonished to be silent and go to their school studies while the evening meal was prepared. Since he had come to this village, looking for belonging, Sailor had known little kindness from its occupants. Other cats were noticed, even fed sometimes or taken in on nights like this, but Sailor never was. He had come to expect harsh treatment from humans and he usually received it. In fact, now that he thought on it, had the skipper of the fishing boat really welcomed him on board or had he nodded to his deckhand? The fish monger had never really noticed him either, he just finished gutting the fish and put the slop bucket down. Strange that he should consider this at such a time.

Abandoned cat
Abandoned Cat existing in the streets of people-filled cities around the globe. No one to care. No one to help.


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