Friday, March 23, 2012

An Outdoor Excusion, In The Yard

A day or so ago I was out-of-doors with the cats; it was a balmy 77F, who could resist, I ask you!? Couped up all Winter with blowing snow, ice crystals and gale force winds; Ya, I love living on an island in the middle of the Atlantic with only a 9 mile slip of a bridge connecting us to the mainland of Canada!! 

I digress...  so, getting back to my 77F day with only a light warm breeze, I was happy enough to hang about the porch for awhile watching my cats and those of the neighbors, the cat colony cats. My cats have cat collar with bell so I hear them wherever they are, much to the shurgrin (if anyone knows how to spell this word, let me know) of the, shall we say, `quieter`cats. 

So here`s a pic of the colony cat area of where they hang out on a day like mentioned above:
Wood shed
All the long and relatively mild winter this is where they`ve been hold up. Though this particular day I could not find hide nor hair of even one, with the exception of the ones that always come round my place. 

Again, I digress... getting back to MY cats...
two cats on sunny porch
Winston was NOT keen on being outside, he`s quite convinced himself that the dogs are about and out to get him. In fact, they visit every two weeks or so but he remains convinced and is not at all keen to be out of doors.
cat in snow
He was barely outside two seconds... 
when I called him back! He`s looking a little distrustful of me now, but...
tabby in snow
he came and went in through the porch door. 



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