Sunday, April 22, 2012

There's A Coon At The Door!

One night while we watched a DVD Merrill heard a strange noise out the patio door. Figuring it was just another of the barn cats, we ignored it. Then it happened again. At first glance he could see nothing, then something moved and a large raccoon shambled into view. The visiting coon was a fully grown one coming to feast from an almost empty bag of old cat food. 

Racoon eating cat food
I managed to get pictures but it was through the patio door so they aren't exactly clear but the coon didn't seen to mind posing.
This is an adult raccoon visiting our house one night looking for a meal and he (or she) found one, of course. Hey, come to my house and any critter will find food, shelter and comfort!! 
Coon eats cat food
He ambled around the darkened patio for awhile, peering through the glass at the cats who were peering through the same glass at him...

Guessing they were as curious about him as...
Racoon in patio

I gave him some crackers; the first of which he came over and gingerly took from my hand through the crack in the doorway I had opened so my cats wouldn't get out.

Racoon peers through door
His eyes really shine in this picture! He was looking straight at me when the flash went off. Hubby offered him a piece of banana on the patio, after we left the patio for a few minutes, the banana disappeared! Guess he liked it. 


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