Monday, March 5, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

Fleet of foot, the dark, striped tabby dashed along the perimeter of the once mighty facade of the fortress and quickly gained its lowest rampart. Sailor leaped up the side and over; he was inside the ruined castle. Night was falling, it was already dusk when Sailor reached the enclosure that had once been his home. The odor was old but still present, a vague recollection of his matriarch still rested in the air. Infiltrating the quadrangle Sailor made a cursory search of the area, having being satisfied that all was well he curled into a ball and relaxed as the sun began its decent. He felt himself waiting, waiting for an answer; perhaps the sudden reappearance of his mother who was so long gone from him or a comforting sign from the 'something' that seemed to live here... As he waited, dusk deepened into evening and still there was no disturbance. Sailor slipped into sleep as night approached. 


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