Saturday, May 19, 2012

Would You Use These...

I don't know about you but I usually try to 'fit' my cat or kitten's name with his or her personality. Failing that however, there are a few names I'd adopt; oh, just because...  

Here are a few names to consider if your looking for a more out-of-the-way name for your pet. Some of these names I would consider using for a pet*

Abernathy*             Cashmere*        Meowric*            Hamish*
Ambros*                  Cinnamon*       Fergus*                Hrothgar*
Azure*                      Cricket               Fiddle*                 Inca*
Batherskite              Crusoe*             Fizgig                    Kofi*
Babbette*                 Daxter               Fluffels*               Lady Meow    
Binx*                         Diesel                Freyja                    London*
Bixly*                        Dozer                 Frostbite* the 3rd?  Lunar*      
Bristles*                    Elfin*                Gowain*                Mactavish*   
Cameo*                     Ebony*             Graffiti*                 Maestro* 
Maisie*                    Minwee*           Nyler*           Rayne*
Mariposa*               Minette*           Norbert*      Rowan*      
Mason*                    Mittenz*            Nyla*            Ruffus*         
Maximillion*          Montague*       Pandu*         Sabetha*  
Meeko*                     Mookie*            Pesto*           Samwise*      
Meep*                       Moggie*            Petal*            Saffo*          
Messa*                      Mosaic*            Piewacket*   Slagathore*              
Meko*                        Neechie*          Pitten*           Snickelfritz*                   
Memow*                   Neko*                Pudding        Snowtuft*             
Mishi or Michi*       Nessa*               Pym*            Sookie*
Stitch*                      Truffle*             Wubbles*          
Tailspin*                  Tuna Paw          Winnie*                           
Taina*                       Tuppence*        Winston*                            
Tartan*                     Tybault*            Xavier*                               
Tavistock*                Tyce*                  Xeno                                   
Tecate*                      Unin                   Yazmin* Yaz fir short                       
Templeton*              Vasili*                Ynez*                            
Tenebrae*                 Wembley*         Zaneta*                              
Thistle*                      Willow*              Zazou*                     
Tiffin*                        Wolfgang                       
Being a writer I look for the more unusual names to include in my stories and I prefer the more uncommon-place names than what most people would choose.

Hope you like these.


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  1. I agree, the name has to fit the kitty...and those do make great names for stories.


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