Friday, April 13, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

Fishing port

Sailor spent the day introspectively, traversing the man-made dock that enclosed the small harbour. He stopped at his favorite spot and settled himself, contentedly observing all the ordinary little minutes that made up life in this village. He loved watching the men on the fishing boats shouting orders as the deckhands and boys scrambled to obey before they set out for the open water. Sometimes wives or daughters would accompany them to the wharf, waving goodbye as they prepared to spend the entire day at sea; sometimes, if fishing was good, they would stay out long into the evening

The sun was ascending, warning of a another hot day on the rise but the light wind coming off the waters cooled the air around the harbour. Although it was still early morning, windows were thrown open to the refreshing breeze and calls emanated from them as conversations between friends in houses and in the streets below commenced. Vehicles lumbered slowly along the dock and out into the thoroughfare, some loaded with goods headed for the towns' open market. Sailor sat contentedly, enjoying these times as he squatted, then rolled over onto his back; the rich smell of the harbour and fish in his nostrils. Still, his calming surroundings failed to completely loosen the dream from his mind. What did the dream mean?

Are you ready for what's about to happen??


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