Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yes, I Know...

Ok, I know I've been away for four and a half months... still in the same place, living on Prince Edward Island, Canada with four ornery cats and a loving, (patient) husband... lots has been happening over the past few months and today would not only have been my Dad's 89th birthday but its also the 3 year anniversary of his passing from this life in June of 2010, but the sense of loss was renewed. It was shortly after that I stopped writing my blog.

I have decided to come back and to offer more than just chat and pics of my cats to my readers. So you can look forward to a bunch of other things coming your way soon. Part of my plan is to honor my Dad, who was a prolific story teller (author), poet, song writer, painter, artist and my inspiration for my own writing; through my blog. He wasn't so much an animal lover in the sense that I am but, curious thing, animals were attracted to HIM!! Even the most dangerous sort of dog would be calm and well behaved in his presence... 

Be prepared for an wide array of different things to HIT THIS BLOG in the coming month! 

Hope you stick around --  Interesting things are on the way! I will get a few things ahead over the weekend but expect something Friday. I will also be making some changes to my blog page... hopefully I haven't forgotten everything about making changes but if the page looks 'wonky', you'll know why! 
So far, I got in successfully, have written this short blurb, saved, previewed and posted, added labels... Heck, I even remembered how to pop in a picture --

Thanks for stopping by.

Catspaw is BACK!


  1. Glad you are've been far too quiet!

    1. Thanks and yes, I have been too quiet for too long.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I want to check out your blog as well.


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