Thursday, July 5, 2012


kittens watching birds
I love my cats and any animal God created.They deserve our care and attention simply for being themselves and adding so much to our lives. 

dog and toddler going for a walk
Can you conceive of a world with no animals in it? Can you imagine your family without your pets?
Cow cuddles a girl
What we consider a 'humble' animal; those that we raise for the purpose of killing for our tables, too often SHAME us with their own brand of compassion. 
collie and kitten
Often they learn to get along better than we do...
german shepherd in water
Animals, of all species, add a grace to our lives that we would otherwise sorely lack. 
They grace us with their humor...
lion and lioness
Their loyalty, love and companionship...
dog locked in car with no windows open
How DARE we treat them this way????
If we are SHAMED, we deserve what accompanies that shame!

Remember, this summer, to take extra special care of the animals ~ cats, dogs, cows... ~ and practice what YOU PREACH!
 Simple kindness to what we call 'dumb' animals is also simple compassion on our part. Do you lack that?
I find it extremely disquieting that in our day and age there are those among us who still need a whack upside the head as a reminder. What does this lack of compassion say about us?



  1. Hi Stephanie.

    I love the pictures of the animals and how you have fraised it! People need to be reminded. Our pets need a voice and all they have is us and we can not let them down! And your blog is a perfect way to get the message out! Keep up the great work Stephanie, your blog is making a difference!!

    1. Thanks Cathy, its nice to know that someone thinks my blog is helping. I hope people remember this summer...


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