Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yikes! look at the date!

Spent a goodly portion of yesterday surging through the spare room in a major hunt for the three separate parts of the tree stand and pole, which, miraculously, I found to my GREAT JOY and HAPPINESS. Course, then I had to reorganize and tidy the room I just tore apart...

Oky~dorky, so I got the tree put together; its one of those pre-decorated artificial trees we bought two years ago. It had the most horrendous plain red and gold balls on it and three sets of boring white lights. Well, when I finally got the tree set up I had to adjust all the branches only to discover that the lights had such a strangle hold on the tree that I could not, for the life of me, get them off short of taking the scissors to them. 
scissors in christmas tree
My first decoration for 2012
 I thought you might not take me seriously.

Yep, I started on a side and cut all the lights off! Took me two hours and I still hadn't gotten it all.
string of christmas tree lights

You can see this caused my artificial tree to shed.

Winston and Emmy in pile of cut off tree lights
The cats thought it was great fun, Winston is trying to get the jump on Emerald; usually NOT a good idea, while the grey cat on the sofa sleeps on...
cat in bag of tree lights
cat looks at bag of xmas tree lights
 Winny and Emmy were perturbed when I stuffed all the light pieces into a bag to toss out! 
Emerald, Molly and Winston
After the excitement was over these three decided to take a break from the hard work of watching me and playing in the mess it made. 
man adjusts christmas tree

My hubby adjusted the tree stand right after he got home.
man adjusting xmas tree stand
Now, to the business of 'my' lights and decorations!
Happy Christmas Everyone


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