Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barn Cats And a Yellow Lab

I might have told you this before but we live on a small dairy that is also a registered cat colony and there is one dog, a yellow lab who also calls it home. Its not immediately obvious that its a cat colony because most of the cats wander across the road into the bush and the dairy itself is fairly large. Many of the cats have been spayed and neutered but there are a few who refuse to be caught, so every spring a certain amount of kittens are to be expected. For those females who will allow it, the owner's wife takes care of her and the litter but there are some that are feral and are content, it seems, to remain that way. Its a job to even find the little ones when they are of age to be fixed and traps have to be set for them as they are not all people-friendly.

Cat and Dog friends
One of Rory's buddies
Dog and cat in snow
The barn cats follow him everywhere
Rory, the yellow lab doesn't like anyone to notice the fact that he likes the cats. They are always around his feet and follow him wherever he goes. He gets very embarrassed when its he's being watched with his little buddies. Its funny to watch him almost trip over them when the larger kittens are walking in and through his legs because he's so careful not to step on them. 

Rory is a big lovable mooch but he's also terrified of thunder and will mow you down if you're in the room with him; strangely, he won't hurt the cats.


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