Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Peculiarity of Cats

Cat pawing at door
Emmy pounding on the patio door
 My cats own some rather  
 peculiar, if not downright  
 eccentric behaviors that can 
 border on total weirdness at 
 times. Emerald's habit of getting
 up on her hind legs and furiously
 pawing at the window when she
 wants to go outside or come in; 

 or her way of sneaking and  
 snatching treats from the other
 cats by cautiously stretching out 
 her paw on the piece she wants
 and pulling it to herself.
cat begging food
Emmy, "I bethink I got something"!
Emmy always wants a taste of your dinnerplate so she whacks your fork for whatever she can get and licks her paw like she actually got something. Failing that, she will wallop the plate itself in the hope of something falling into her grasp.

cats sitting together
Molly & Emmy, partners in crime

On occasion I've caught Molly stealing treats the same way and she never used to. Both Molly and Emmy have a taste for a pat of butter every now and again at lunchtime; they also like raw/cooked bacon, pork chops and cheese. 

Cats do learn from watching each other, a few years ago when we lived in our trailer, Molly taught Sassy how to tear through the window screen to get outside. The two of them plotted together and accomplished the same thing when we moved to the island. So much for keeping them as indoor cats! Lately Emerald has been deciding for herself when she wants her treats and the other three pick up on that; all head for the kitchen and wait expectantly for me to follow. I could literally teach Emmy to dance for her treat if I put enough work into it!

Tabby in dryer
Meanwhile Winston has developed an affinity for the dryer...

cat contemplating floor

and the dehydrator

cat fight

Sassy likes to be rambunctious with her daughter, Emerald.

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