Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle

Here is the story I've just started working on... As promised, I will post a part of it every day to every other day so come back again to read the next exploit in the adventure that Sailor undertakes in his journey to uncover the mystery of the ruined castle.

Chapter One

Sailor hesitated at the edge of the enclosed lake, from this vantage point he could see what he'd journeyed here for. The old dilapidated white fence was still leaning against some trees on the other side; it would be a small matter to attain the castle side of the briny, he just had to travel from rock to rock all the way around. It was late autumn and nature was browning up before winter struck, but there were still some trees with green left on them. The sun was so warm and soft as it illuminated the ruins of the baked and brown castle that Sailor felt himself starting to doze. But No! He shook himself awake, he had to ford the lagoon and reach the monument by nightfall at the very latest, everything depended on it now. 

Castle Ruins beside lake
Can you find the white fence?


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