Saturday, February 25, 2012

Post Surgery; Sassy and Winston

Cat in cage
A newly spayed Sassy at home, note her eyes are fixed & dilated from the sedative
A phone call on the night of February 23rd sent me on the road or rather on a snowy highway by seven, the morning of February 24th with two cats in two cat carriers. One for neutering, the other to spay. Sassy has been in her second heat of the late winter, early spring and has been mated several times by one or two of the barn cats. It is totally impossible to keep her indoors once she gets started but I already knew she'd be going in for this fairly soon, so I let her out. Reason being that Winston, who was still in his 'kitten' mode until her first heat, began to realize that he was growing up. Though he had no clue as to what to do when Sassy came round him he started in with his annoying 'yowling' around the house and demanding to go out.

Sassy goes into her 'flip-flop' routine and he serenades her and that as far as it goes because of her rejection of him. So the idea that indoor cats, especially related ones, will mate for the sake of, is completely untrue. He's also started this continual serenading at night, just at bedtime of course.

For the trip down they were quiet and calm in their carriers seeming to enjoy the ride; they were the same when I left them at the vets. Upon collecting them, they were awake and quiet for the ride home too. Only on getting them in the door and settled in again at home did I notice Sassy could hardly stand and walked drunkenly about; at times she plain fell right over!  

newly spayed cat
I had to pick her up and carry her

spayed cat trying to walk
Sassy can't walk straight
Spayed cat fell over
Sassy keeled over
She's a skinny, light-weight little thing and the sedative affected her more. So back into the carrier she went for what was left of the day and into the evening. 

cat resting in cage
cat on top of cat cage
 As I typed this blog last night she was in her carrier resting quietly while Winston, who recovered just fine and Emerald took turns checking on her by peering through the cage door and sitting on top of it. They'd sit/sleep right beside the door where Sassy can see them so she didn't feel caged and alone. 
cat keeping cat in cage company
She's not alone with family

cat out of cat cage after spay
She's still pretty dopey in this pic
Before I drove out yesterday  to collect them in the late afternoon, I rummaged through the linen cupboard to find several slightly worn towels, then I rummaged again through the kitchen and came up with a few cans of cat food to take along with me. A nice and helpful way to say an added thank you.

tabby with green ear after tatoo
A special 'Hi' from Winston who is doing great
Today, February 25th, Sassy has made a full recovery and both are doing fine. 

Food for thought; please remember that the SPCA and other Vet Clinics really need whatever supplies and food, even Canadian Tire money, that you can spare. Say thanks to them this way too.  


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