Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Finish A Cat Tree

The boxes were my idea and hubby worked hard adding them...

man mounting box on cat tree
Add a box or two...
first time cats on cat tree
Stuff cat in box and one on top!
house cat try cat tree
While they are tenuously hanging on, add another cat to sofa
tux cat likes cat tree
Add another box on top... Encourage cat to use.
tabby cat in cat box
Another box on bottom and stuff another cat!
tux cat sleeping on cat tree
Official Approval by Molly!!  YA-HOO
You know its been accepted with they no longer regard it as a trap you built that is out to get them and they use it without whacking it with their paw and dashing away!

Updates to come.



  1. Cool....a cat tree made from a real tree! and with places to hide, cats gotta love that!

  2. Ya, quite a concept isn't it! Instead of the carpeted and carefully designed ones they actually have a TREE.


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