Monday, May 14, 2012

A Cat Breed With BIG EaRS and More...

The Cornish Rex

cornish rex cat looking straight ahead
I could get used to this cat breed quite easily

The Devon was discovered by Beryl Cox in Buckfastleigh, Devon in the UK 1960, in with a litter of kittens near a disused tin mine. This odd breed was, at first sight, thought to be a link with the Cornish Rex; test mating proved another story altogether. Cats in general have three hair types: guard, awn and down. The Devon Rex sports a coat that has little guard hair. What they do have is a curly and very soft short coat so they are not as naked as they first appear.

The curl found in Devon Rex fur has its origin in a different mutation and gene than those of Cornish Rex`s and German Rex`s; when breeding a Devon with either of those breeds you will get a cat without rexed or curled fur. 

Devons are medium sized and referred to as "pixie" or "alien" cats because of their highly unusual appearance. With uncommonly large ears set low on their wide heads, their eyes are large and the noses slightly upturned - they are definitely attention getters. They have whiskers that are short and often curled to the point where it appears as though they completely lack them altogether. Distinctly lightly built body types with long, sturdy legs that are very well suited for long leaps, they end in unusually large toes. Devon Rex`s come in different colors with ears that are large and slightly rounded.

Devons are highly active, mischievous, playful, and very people-oriented. They have been described as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey or more famously as "monkeys in cat suits". These cats are high-jumpers and will attempt to cram themselves into any space large enough to admit them. With this very strong trait you will often find them in the odd nooks and crannies of a half closed closet, a slightly vacant shelf or half full laundry basket. They have a preference for high places and will go to almost any lengths to reach the highest spot in any room. Most Devons chose a central person to whom they will devote their love. They playnip but they don`t bite to cause harm. 

Highly intelligent, the typical Devon Rex can be leash trained, taught to fetch or to perform a host of tricks usually associated with dogs, like jumping on command, to heel when walking and playing tag.
As a typical show of affection they possess a particular penchant for being up close and personal, especially circling round the head and neck of human companions; they can often be found mounted up top of a shoulder or nestled into the cranny created by the neck and shoulder when one is prone. Devon Rex cats are faithful companions who will usually stalk the object of their affection from room to room awaiting the opportunity to leap onto their arms, lap or shoulder for attention and affection.

colored devon rex cat
Colored Devon

devon rex kitten
Devon Rex grey kitten
Yep, I could definitely find a place for this darling breed of cat, couldn`t you?



  1. They are rather alien looking...but the ability to be leash trained, taught to fetch and do other tricks sound appealing!

  2. The ringing can be pleasant to some cat owners but can can also get on your nerves if you cats plays a lot of the night.

    1. I agree, a jingling cat bell on a cat collar can be rather annoying if the cat is in the habit of playing half the night, but cats usually settle down for the night when the house goes dark and quiet. If not, just remove the collar for the night and put it on in the morning.


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