Sunday, June 17, 2012

!!! This Baby Needs A Home NOW !!!

Hi everyone, I have a story to tell:

Last November 2011, in the middle on an island winter, three kittens were abandoned here at the dairy, probably because they knew it was a cat colony. My husband manage to lure and catch two of them, one a grey and the other a multicolor. They were as close to ferals without actually being feral as a cat could get; they were here awhile before being caught. I kept them for a week, socializing them then phoned Cat Action once they'd calmed down and we could handle them better. After two weeks, I gave them to Cat Action; they already had placements for them thanks to a Kijiji Ad I had placed. 
grey kitten

She suddenly found herself all alone and having to fend for herself, by herself. 
grey kitten on sofa

Her two siblings were gone, caught by my husband and re-homed by me.
homeless grey kitten on sofa
The title of this blog is that same title as my Kijiji Ad
But, there was a third kitten. One that refused all attempts to help her and resisted any food or shelter. She scavenged in the barn for mice and rats, eating the grain off the floor when really hungry. Being a interloper and unwelcome by the colony, the cats here bullied and chased her away constantly. Finally, she started following them to my patio door where I provided food, milk and shelter during the winter months. She would always run, though she'd come to eat whatever was left, I could not come near. This past Friday, June 15th, all that changed. I put some scraps out for them and she came just close enough for me to touch her, once she allowed that, I took a further chance and picked her up. 
grey kitten on brown chair
Does she look 9 months to you?
Once inside the house she was pretty skiddish so we took turns holding her and talking to her so she'd calm and realize we weren't going to hurt her. My cats of course will tolerate her but they aren't always kind; she spent the first night as far behind the dryer in a closed porch as she could get and it took my hubby to coax her out the next morning. She hid a lot on Saturday because of my cats but we took her out and made her mind by putting her out on the sofa. She soon caught on that she didn't need to hide. I fed her a tin of tuna to help put some meat on her bones. She's in fairly good health but very malnourished for a 9 to 10 month old cat. Yes, that's what I said  ~ 9 to 10 months and for all that, she is tiny!  
grey kitten on a brown chair
 Very close to becoming feral, there was just enough 'tame' cat left in her to accept being re-socialized
grey kitten sitting on a brown chair
She is extremely affectionate, follows me round the house like a puppy and wants to be on my lap whenever I sit down. She tries very hard to be accepted by my cats and will immediately run up to them, trying to bond, only to be nastily rebuffed by my three females. 
Winston sitting by porch door
Winston by porch door

tabby cat beside doorOnly Winston shows her a kindness. So much so that at night, when she is in the porch for the night, he will lay beside the porch door as if staying near to keep her company and my females at bay. She'd very readily take to other animals and she'd be great around children. I am hoping my Kijiji Ad will get some attention for her and she will find a new home soon. 
sleepy grey kitten on sofa
If anyone is interested in her please use the email at the top right of my blog to contact me. 



  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank God for people like you who care about cats and don't see these beautiful animals as 'throw aways!' I love cats myself and have just adopted Maya {9 weeks old} on May 10th 2012. She is threw the Animal Assistance Group. Someone left 3 kittens in a bag in the pet store and didn't tell anyone. I adopted her 2 days later and she is such a sweetheart. Wouldn't part with her now. Anyway,the cats above are just beautiful. Sure hope she finds a home.Your saving lives Stephanie and I think what your doing is so great! Proud to know you!!

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    1. Thank you Cathy. While I didn't intentionally set out to become a 'rescue person', I could not leave the situation as it was either so now, I do what I can to help them. I hope you, Maya and your Budgies get along great and thanks for letting me know you got a cat from a shelter. I hope, through my blog, to encourage other people to do the same thing I'm doing and what you just did.

  3. Don't rely on your cat's collar for identification. If your cat gets lost and slips out of his collar, there will be no sure way to identify him.

    1. You're right, Cat Food, you should not rely on a cat collar to identify your animal. Some cats just have that knack for getting a collar off or losing it while others can have it around their necks for years. I might look into ways of making specialty collars because one of my two younger cats got her's off and has successfully kept it off. The only way to really identify your cat, should they become lost, it to get them tattooed when they are spayed or neutered.


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