Thursday, December 13, 2012


Personally, I don't put any stock whatsoever in any prediction performed by man. Least of all an Ancient, long dead and violent civilization that would have given Hitler a run for his money!  That's just a given. When you're Bible tells you that 'Not even the Angels in Heaven know when the end of the world is'... I take that to mean Only the Lord himself has this information. This is HIS business, not ours.

Yet, Christian professing people around the globe are blowing their life savings to build an Ark???
man made ark to escape doomsday - china
doomsday panic ark being built

This monstrosity has a looong way to go before the end of the world next Friday!!!

doomsday panic top of man made ark
How the Lord must shake His head at us!
I can imagine Him asking 'why do I bother'.

doomsday ark inside
 I mean, people.... he hasn't even gotten the plumbing in yet!!! 
?!How long has he been building this thing?!
doomsday fuel buying panic
This one rather confuses me, if the world is coming to an end, why do you need fuel in your car? Where exactly, do you think your going to drive to?
doomsday panic buying
Do tell, how is toilet paper and instant noodles going to help????
doomsday panic buying in korea

Can you imagine the sales this Department store is making - two weeks before Christmas yet! 
doomsday panic buying empty shelf

Its like celebrating Christmas twice!
doomsday panic buying, wheat field

Course, its not all good news for every store on the planet ~ food panic buying has resulted in food price surges round the globe.
Thank you VERY MUCH
Like food isn't expensive enough on Prince Edward Island, Canada!
doomsday panic buying 3rd world
And its not limited to our side of the world either...

Then there's this...
doomsday panic buying of radiation suits
Uhmmm, if radiation is going to engulf the globe in a week's time, tell me; how are these going to helpUh, this question is open to everybody, by the way
doomsday panic buying woman with colorful shopping bags
   What I would not give to own a store right now! It wouldn't matter what I sold.
Pretty much says it all...
 Personally, my husband and I plan to sleep through it, depending of course on what time of day or night its supposed to happen........... 
You'd think the Mayan's could at least given the time of day! Jeez

Just so you know, I will be blogging on December 22, 2012; after the end of the world. What do you think my topic will be?



  1. Hm..can't believe someone is actually building an ark. Yes I can imagine you have all kinds of topics for the day after doomsday. Like...Ten great things you can do with an ark!

  2. OH, Betty - you have the GREATEST IDEAS and sense of humor!!! We love you!


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