Friday, March 9, 2012

Totally AWESOME Again!

Ok so this got me curious and I researched a little more and I came up with this: 
Bungee Jumping Cats
!Bungee Jumping Cats!
In training exercises over the California Desert, paratroopers with parachutes and cats, without, leap out of planes!  Now the cats, for obvious reasons, don`t have parachutes and going on the logic that cats always land on their feet... Well, one only assumes these planes were flying just high enough to the ground to give the cats time to twist their tiny bodies so when they did land, they dropped onto their paws unhurt. Apparently it worked. I'm just assuming they jumped without wearing cat collars with bells.

What do you think Bin Laden would have thought if he`d known an American Cat was hunting him along with the US troops!  Its true. 

Abbottabad Raid
Abbottabad Raid from an American Special Ops Cat`s viewpoint
The story behind this picture is that US troops were on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden`s lair and they weren`t the only ones. Get this, in this image of the Abbottabad raid, special ops kitty here sneaks up on Bin Laden`s bodyguard. After all, felines don`t need a ton of specialized equipment to see in the dark like the troop do. We are assuming the bodyguard had no idea about the sneaky infiltrator. I can`t help but wonder if he or she was wearing a cat collar with bell! 

This is right up there with one of my favorite tv programs, William Shatner`s Weird or What!



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