Monday, April 2, 2012

~~ GRRREAT NEWS on the Stray Homefront ~~ You Heard It Here First!

Something remarkable happened over the weekend!

Cat Action saw my Ad on Kijiji. Cat Action PEI has offered to take the remaining kittens; spay them, give them their shots and tats, then foster them until someone wants to adopt them. This is BIG NEWS ~~!!

I have had only three emails showing interest in them and have only heard from these people the one time. No one has called to come see them or shown any more interest than the emails. I realize these people might well be interested in adopting them but I still have heard no word from them.
Three stray cats on a chair
In light of this Grand News and as of 1 pm today, the kittens ~ whom I now call Mutt and Jeff ~ will be in the hands of Cat Action! I will miss the little tikes. They've attached themselves to me and follow me around the house like puppies now. They can be sleeping soundly on their favorite chair but the minute I move from the computer, they are up and following me wherever I go. Should I sit on the sofa, they are up and into my lap, curl up and go to sleep with me petting them. In the mornings, they are up on the bed to greet us. Something our four are decidedly against as that coveted spot belongs exclusively to THEM! 
Stray cats

homeless cats rescused

rescued kittens on farm
Going to Cat Action Today at 1 pm
Say Goodbye to them here! 

Today they go to a better place where they will be given more care than just the food and shelter I can provide. 

Merrill and I are very happy things have worked out this way. I will keep the Kijiji Ad up until Cat Action comes to collect them at 1 pm today, then I will change it to reflect what has happened and where people interested in adopting them can find them.
rescued kittens need homes
The one underneath found a home March 31st

Thanks for your comments, emails and phone calls regarding the kittens. 


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