Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good News on the Stray Home Front!

another lost kitten rescued
This little girl found a home yesterday, March 31st. Actually, she 'chose' them! These kittens are not the most trusting animals and they don't take to just anyone, but she got on well with the couple to adopted her. So, she is off to the loving home she deserves to have. Now I have just these two left.
sibling cats rescue

stray and homeless cats, rescued
I have had two emails from people interested, but have heard nothing from them since so they are still available. 

I received an email from Cat Action yesterday. These wonderful people are looking to see if they can arrange for their transport, vetting and foster care in Charlottetown. There are those who care out there and these little ones are very lucky to have people like you and me who will take action and do something to help when someone has thrown them away just because they are female and they either, can't afford or don't want, the the vet bill. There are other ways of dealing with such situations than throwing them from a car! 

I sincerely hope that my readers realize there are other ways and means by which the 'unwanted or no longer wanted' pet can be handled. Trying to survive by eating leftover barley in a cold barn is NOT one of them. 

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my blogs concerning them and for checking out my ad on Kijiji. To the couple who adopted the kitten, please contact me.


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