Friday, December 7, 2012

~~~ ! Here Comes The Vegetable Man ! ~~~

Veggiefella knows (the weather) 

Oct 2009 Organic Market Garden Carrots
October 12, 2009 Organic Carrots for Market Garden
                     The Veggiefella knows the weather…

He knows it’s foggy....
Because he can’t find his way to the garden.

He knows it’s sunny….
Because he can see his shadow.

He knows it’s windy….
Because his hat keeps blowing off his head.

He knows it’s raining….
Because his back is getting wet.

He knows the UV index is high….
Because his skin is turning red.

He knows it’s a clear night….
Because the big fat moon is shining on his face,

He knows when he opens his door and there is not a weed in sight....
He should close the door and go back inside, Because outside it’s far too white.

                                   Because “you know” what happened.

Organically grown peas for market garden
August 1, 2009 Organically Grown Peas for Market Garden

This was written and posted on December 9, 2009  on:  by friends of mine in Alberta, Canada who are organic market gardeners. You can check out their site, The Veggie Fella, on the right side of my blog just above my picture of Emerald. 




  1. Looks Yummy! The link of the side doesn't work properly.

  2. I've used the link on the right side of my blog and it works fine for me. I will have to post the links in a blog if they aren't working.

  3. Grins looks like you trying to entice a rabbit for rabbit stew grins??

    Fred Bond

  4. Cool shot! Smiles to Stephanie.

    Fred Bond


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