Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

Drawing of European Town
This store could be anywhere on the street. Join the story and choose where for yourself.
Before the dawn could light the harbour, Sailor was still curled into a ball in the rigging sound asleep. Hunting seagulls circling and crying out woke him from his long slumber and he stretched before cleaning his coat. The day was calm and soon the sky lightened into a deep shade of blue while the sun sent her warmth towards the awakening town. A rat caught Sailor's attention and held it for several seconds but the cat had other plans for his morning meal. He wanted fish and he knew just where to get it so he set off for the fish monger's shop again. As Sailor dropped to the deck the rat made a mad scramble to secure the dock and safety, but the feline past him by. Climbing the step and gaining the breakaway, Sailor meandered past the houses where people were rising to greet the day and shops were being opened for business. He stopped before the door of the fish monger shop, sat and waited patiently to be noticed. Midday found Sailor resting in a shaded corner across from the shop. 


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