Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

Fishing town with Castle
It was hot and Sailor napped in his shaded recess. As he slipped into dream a different village came into view, one that seemed somehow older than the one he presently called home. This town had a castle on a hill above it and the houses were mostly tan and brown with occasional whitewashed buildings and a wider breakaway rampart that ended at the sea. There was more beach area too. What was most odd about this environment was the fact that there was something oddly familiar about the castle in particular; Sailor's mind wandered up the hill towards it in his dream. As he neared the structure he turned in a direction that felt almost native to him, it brought him through thick trees and grasses to a side gate. As Sailor approached, with extreme caution and his heart thumping against his chest... Was that the sound of trumpets and cheering people coming from within?

Castle Gateway

Continue to follow Sailor and his story to its shocking conclusion.


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