Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

castle surrounded by trees
The day was awash with sunlight resting on the trees and grass that grew bountifully around thick castle turrets and walls. The path leading to the main drawbridge was surrounded with green of every kind and warmth. Lazy bugs flew as if drunk on sunshine! The strong scent of the nearby woods was on the wind as Sailor paused to sniffed the air. The extreme coldness had finally left his body and with it the stiffness was also gone; he felt warm again. He also felt a strange sense of 'right', like he belonged here. But... where was here? Every time he concentrated and thought he recognized something in this place, he had a kind of 'falling' sensation. As though everything he was looking at was moving backwards, away from him and receding. Sailor decided against trying to remember, he was tired and need rest; he would simply explore this place and see what came of it.

It seemed like he'd had been walking for hours... He watched birds flying and listened to the chatter of insects and there were fish in the moat that encompassed the castle, so this had to be a real place and it was alive. Sailor was weary and wanting to rest on his paws when he rounded a corner and found a small side entrance into the castle that was accessed by walking over a small bridge. There was an inviting patch of warm sunshine just beside the fence of the walkway above ; Sailor was drawn to the place and laid down comfortably in the taller grass, relaxing his fatigued body. As he lay prostrate Sailor gazed up at the castle walls, to his left the walls were covered in ivy that had climbed straight up the wall and was spreading to the one beside it. The palisade facing him was relatively narrow and had several stone windows carved into it, four up high and four below with several niches in between. There was a turret to the far right of Sailor's position. Eventually the sound of the water streaming in the moat, the enticing warmth of the day and the crickets all conspired together to lull Sailor into a deep, contented sleep. He was finally home.
castle with bridge and trees


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