Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Computers! The BANE Of My Life !!!

So, here we are yet again! Took the computer in again today after it slowed down, froze a few times, then refused to start - at first. The first time it successfully restarted and after a lonngg wait, I could at least use the mouse. I had to change the size of the display so I had to shut it down and it took longer to restart, then I could not use the mouse at all. So, back to the store for 'fixing'; apparently it only takes a bump to upset something.

Will let you know what happens as I should hear from them by tomorrow.



  1. I think they should just give you a new one.

  2. Unfortunately we bought this one at The Source in Summerside about two years ago now, but why three hard drives should fail is beyond me. We are getting this looked at again for free so that's something.

  3. That is unusual I think. Even once would be inconvenient enough, but three? At least they are looking at it for free.


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