Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thinking Of Some Changes...

Here's a thought I am currently toying with: 

My husband had a suggestion from the son of the owner of the dairy he works on...  Have a different daily theme. 

A good idea but not one that would make too much of a difference in my blogs so I thought I'd modify it a little and do weekly themes. 

One week devoted to stories, the next week inclined to poetry, the week following given to stray or barn cats and so on. Certainly it would give more of a focus and direction to my blog. There are dozens of different types of content available for an idea like this, from cat trees to cat collars but I want to include more exclusive or unusual content as well. The net is littered with recipes and cat/kitten care so I want to canvass other content like stories and advice from my readers and visitors if any of you are interested in sharing. Unusual pictures, etc.

Given this change in my blogging habits, you can expect a new blog topic to be posted every Sunday. This means there will be two blogs from now on, on Sundays.

For anyone who has a story or picture, a poem or a website to share, please send it to my email address at It will be greatly appreciated and you can find this address on the top right side panel of my blog from now on to contact me directly. 

Here's to creating a different type of blog with fresh new and unusual content! With your help, we can do it together. I look forward to hearing from you, my readers and visitors. Please keep in mind that all content I receive will be carefully presented and no personal information will be shared unless authorized by the reader or visitor who shared it. 


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