Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Computer Crash

Cartoon - woman with rolling pin and computer
Me on Friday...
I have to apologize to all of you for being away so long. Our computer crashed on Friday and Future Shop told us its due to a bad hard drive - our third so far.

Cartoon - computer on the phone
My Computer phoning - "Is there a Doctor in the house?"
I hope to have it back tomorrow; they were able to download all our files, etc, off the old drive and install it on the new one so I won't be back to a time consuming square one when I finally get it home.

Cartoon - sick computer
My Baby is Sick!!!
I will still have, I hope, the rest of my Sailor story as well. Among other things, I've had a great deal of hassle trying to back everything up. This, we are told, is a strong indication that the hard drive is about to fail completely.

Cartoon of a doctor treating a sick computer
Soon to be well and home
Thanks to everyone for their patience. I am using our 'spare' computer, the one we had problems with before and had to actually send to Ontario to get fixed. We got it back a week later to find it didn't work???  Merrill took a look at it and nothing was connected on the inside! Go figure. Its been working ok but I have absolutely no files, no pictures, no story, no nothing in it.

Cartoon of a happy computer with all parts smiling
Happy Computer = Happy Catspaw!
Once I get our regular computer back and check everything out, I will begin posting again. Here's to not having any more problems in the future once its fixed...

cartoon of girl typing on computer
Happily reunited at long last...


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