Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update On Computer Crash

Did you ever think you'd be reading an update on a computer crash?

Future Shop is working on it today and I should hear, hopefully by today, when I can pick it up.

cartoon of computer holding tools

Its being worked on now and all they had left to do was to download the files and documents from the crashed hard drive and install all that onto the new hard drive. I am expecting a call later today but it also depends on how busy they are.

cartoon of man sitting in front of computer surrounded by lots of coffee cups

Ok, so I still have the spare but its not the same as having my regular computer with all my programs, files, documents, pictures and the rest of my data. Separation is sooooo stressful !!!

cartoon of computer with arms typing on its keyboard
However, soon I will be happily reunited and typing my next blog for all my visitors and readers.  Hopefully this joyful event will happen today - if not, tomorrow. Stay tuned...


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