Monday, June 25, 2012

Homegrown And Cheaply Made Cat Tree

Ok, this coming weekend we have to ourselves and we are planning to finally build a new cat tree for our four felines. They've been missing their old, defunct one for several months now. 

We still have the original one we made and plan to use it for the basic structure and build it up and out. It should prove for an interesting afternoon. In case you no longer remember the old one, here are some pictures of it.
Winston sitting on box on cat tree

Winston discovered a new place to sit...
Sassy and Winston on homemade cat tree

While Sassy comes out of her box for a stretch.

The new homemade cat tree will have this structure but will very likely turn out completely different as we plan to add areas for boxes and platforms for them to sit.

man creating a cat tree

Merrill brought a tree home one afternoon...
man making cat tree

That became our cat tree for the cats.

Right now the old cat tree is leaning out on the porch, the only thing that was really wrong with it was the base that was no longer secure because the tree had dried out too much to support it. 
defunct cat treeold cat tree for reuseI could very likely strip off all the bark now and paint it will a sealant or varnish. I will have to look into that. 
base of homemade cat tree

This base looks flimsy now but when it was first built and for months after, it held very well.
homemade cat tree shedding its bark

The bark is very easily striped off now after months of being outside.

 More next weekend when we build the new one...


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