Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There Really is a Breed of Cat Called Munchkin!

Cat is Munchkin BreedA Munchkin is a breed of cat with very short and small legs! They were first observed in the 40's, then disappeared off the proverbial map after World War Two. When they resurfaced, not one but two, munchkin cats were rediscovered in the 1980's when they were bred. Lucky thing they were male and female - what are the odds! Their extremely short legs are not a handicap to these totally unique cats; they are as active as the rest of the feline race. 

Egyptian Breed of Cat
Lets face it, when it comes to strange cats, as usual the Egyptians have outdone the rest of the world. Not only was their god Bast a cat woman but they even have a cat called Sphinx! I simply don't agree with what most people consider ugly; these are hairless cats, now whether this is a natural breed or they've been deliberately bred this way I don't know, but they are the same as any other cat with the exception of requiring special care. Obviously they didn't need cats with fur in a country as hot and arid as Egypt if they were bred to have no fur. They still have the coloring though; I wonder if they sweat?

Norwegian Forest Cat
The beautiful Norwegian Forest cat has very long, thick fur to insulate the animal and help it survive the freezing cold winters of Norway. We can credit the Vikings for their being with us today, as they brought them over when the cats accompanied them on their ships when they sailed round their part of the world. Apparently they have been found to be very loyal pets; owners have to give them a great deal of interaction. They excel in hunting and may, on occasion, bring home dinner.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed
One of my favorites is the Scottish Fold. This cat is a totally unique darling of the cat world and its all due to its ears. They don't grow much from kittenhood on and never stand up but instead, fold down when the kitten is three weeks old. They are basically adult cats that still have that adorable kitten look about them and they keep that throughout their natural lives.

American Curl Breed of cat
The American Curl got its name also because of its ears. The cats ears actually curl backward and down; this happens in this particular breed of cat only. Now get this, to qualify for professional cat shows, the ears cannot touch the cat's skull. They can only curl like this kitty's ears; this specialty breed was bred to be this way from the 1980's and has gained its fair share of popularity and notoriety in the world of cats.


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