Wednesday, June 6, 2012

!!! Scaredy Cat !!!

So far today ~ its only 9:23 am ~ I haven't heard anything but I thought I'd post anyway. 

The computer I'm using has very little ram so I can't download my Picture program or the pics I have on my camera but I can tell you about this one silly barn cat.

black cat on fence post
Black cat on fence post
This is not Scaredy! This cat looks far too sure of himself.

We call him Scaredy and for good reason. He's a black, half wild and half wanting to be babied barn cat who, the first time I had him in, freaked when I closed the door and went on a rampage running pellmell from living room window to patio door smashing his nose into a bloody pulp in the process as panic set in. He's quite recovered now, I'm happy to say and comes in only if I drag him in, then he's happy to be in. Right now he's sitting on the top part of the sofa where Sassy usually is ~ the second I move from my chair at the computer he's down and running toward me. He'll stay put as long as I don't move! 

I think he's been picked on by the other barn cats since he was a kitten because he's scared of them and my cats and very insecure about being round them if I'm not close by, but he has improved in that since I've been having him in. Used to be all he'd do is hide under the couch and never budge to come out, now he's on the sofa in plain view so he's improved that way. 
black cat sitting in leaves
Handsome Cat!

On miserable weather days I have the barn cats in, those who want in, like today. He does have one sibling, a brother who is kind to him so he isn't completely bereft of friends. Emerald is doing her bit to keep the barn cats in line and reminding them just who's house this Really is! Her growing can be heard behind every stick of furniture I own!! 

Here is to getting that bloody computer back a second time and having it work for the rest of the year!
cartoon of a sick computer


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