Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have a very sick colony cat. He was ill for about three days before we noticed and gave him some penicillin as a precaution; just yesterday he started having trouble breathing and this morning, a lot of trouble breathing. 

Having asthma myself and living on a very humid island, I know just how difficult and serious not being able to breathe is and this poor little one is going through that right now. Because of his illness he hasn't been eating so he's quite weak and that condition is not helping the situation. His breathing is so labored he has trouble eating and can't even meow. Laying down causes more difficulty breathing so he tries to sit up but he's weak from not having eaten for the last three days. I have kept him in; he's very frightened, sensing that he is sick he doesn't want to be alone.

I'm guessing most people would simply hope for the best and put him outside; maybe he'll improve. I live on someone else's cat colony and this animal is not my responsibility. I know the people will not be interested in paying a exorbitant vet fee... I did phone a nearby vet, she was polite enough... She could come out immediately for $150!!!  Or I could take him in for a $48 initial visit fee and pay for whatever x-rays and meds he will need. Yes, she was kind indeed - I could talk to the colony's owners and see if they'd pay for all this. 

What do you think?  Think they'd go for it?

I have phoned Cat Action and I'm waiting to hear from them. Its not yet 8 am on a Saturday so I hope to hear something very soon. 

My issue with Vets is the fact that although there are some who are willing to work with Community Animal Care Society's like Cat Action, there are so many others who seem to be Vets solely for the purpose of making money!  Honestly, with the fees they charge and the claims they make that the treatments, equipment and meds are just SOOO expensive that they have no choice but to charge you your most vital body parts for basic medical care for your pet or other animals in extreme need, can't they look past the dollar $ sign just long enough to help an animal in distress that could lose its life to their greed!!!  This person I talked with at the Vet Clinic asked after the cats' symptoms and quoted a price list to me! 

Yes, well I understand that they are in business and have to make a living like everyone else and that nothing is cheap or free, but does that negate every bit of our sense of humanity to such an extent that we make a conscious 'choice' to only care if we are paid for it?  What kind of humanity is that?  Would you do the same if a sick child were brought to you?  So why, then, is an animals' life always worth so much less than a humans?  We, supposedly being the questionable 'higher' species, doesn't that make us even more responsible for the care of those who have no voice at all?  

What would you do in a situation like this? 


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