Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yesterday's Post About Pictures and Their Stories

You see Emerald here; this was yesterday, July 7th. She slept all day! So much so that Winston was growing concerned enough to come check on her and meow at her to see if she'd respond.

Emmy sleeping on her box

a concerned Winston looks in on a sleeping Emmy
Friday, she was outside all day; I always get my cats in for the night just because, in the rural area where we live, there are night predators like eagles and foxes. There are also a few dogs that go after cats... So I get them in whether they want to or not. Occasionally they will insist on remaining outside if the house is too hot or after a particularly hot day.  Generally, they are indoors for the night. 

Emerald decided on Friday to remain out of doors all night. It was apparently not enough to go gallivanting all day; but the night was cool and she was off across the road in the bush. She's quite careful in going across the road, she stops, looks both ways and darts! She doesn't stick around for cars, she's just gone. Anyway, by 7 and 8 am Saturday morning, I was getting worried. The night before I had called and called ~ No Emmy ~ and she still wasn't responding to my calls by the night morning. My husband came in from work at 9 am and shortly after he spotted her trotting up the drive!! 

Finally she'd decided to come home from wherever she was. She was both hungry and tired. So tired that she spend the entire Saturday slumbering indoors; actually because of the rain and threat of thunderstorm, all the cats stayed inside. When they wanted to go out in the mid-evening, they weren't allowed. The pictures in yesterdays blog show Molly greeting and looking after Em! I thought it was so cute because Molly is holding her head down... not that she had too, Emmy was passed out! 


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