Wednesday, December 26, 2012


There was a mystery gift and it wasn't under the Christmas tree. Rather it was sequestered in behind the tv and covered over with a blue blanket ~ its hasty wrapping paper. When, what to my wondrous eyes should appear...
five cats round a new cat tree
A brand new cat tree for the cats to enjoy! Me too, actually, because now they won't be on every other surface in the house and since they lost their last cat tree this past spring, they've been wanting one back. 
My husband made this tree from bits of rough hewn wood he found round the dairy. When, I don't know and when he got it into the house and down the stairs into the basement where I rarely go, I don't know and he isn't telling...
But I've been asking for one for a-g-e-s to keep the cats off other kitchen surfaces that they've claimed as their own and out from under my feet.
four cats and a cat tree
four cats in a tree 
After putting it in the kitchen for the time being its become the most popular place in the house! Come January it will go in the living room front window.
Molly and Sassy on a cat tree

This is the only way Molly and Sassy will share - 1. when they can't see each other and 2. when they are on different tiers.

The morning's entertainment on Boxing Day 2012;
Molly, Winston and Blackie on the cat tree

For once Molly isn't hitting Winston and she can't see Blackie, so he's safe.
Of course, there's a story here, the grey cat on the highest tier is a little female; the one beside is a male...
The two grey dairy cats and Molly on the cat tree

Since she was fixed she's gained weight and  attitudes toward every cat that used to beat her up. 
Two greys and a Molly in a cat tree
So guess what?
Grey and Winston in a newly made cat tree
Winston and the Grey male sharing the cat tree on Boxing Day morning.

Pretty much, you guessed it; she will take after any cat now...

Barn cats sharing a homemade cat tree
Barn cats sharing a homemade cat tree
Happy Christmas to Everyone, including you're pets!
Prosperity, Family and Good Friends are all very welcome in the New Year ~ 2013



  1. Glad you got a surprise! Nice to see those kitties loving it too.

  2. Between our cats and the dairy cats, there isn't a cat around that has not, at some point, sat perched enjoying the view. Thanks Betty.

  3. looks like one cool cat tree put some pine cones and green pine evergreen branches on it and a great place to take photos of your cats!

  4. Hadn't considered that, but it would spruce it up a bit. Thanks for the suggestion Grey Eagle.

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