Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Tis the season to wish everyone happiness and the holiday spirit. Gladness, sharing and entertaining with friends and family, exchanging gifts that are unknown to you and surprises coming out of brightly wrapped packages... but I'm reminded that not everyone has these things.
As the day ends on Prince Edward Island, my husband is at work on the dairy doing the second milking of the cows while I am alone in the house; the owner and his son are with their families...
There is just the two of us and we spent the holiday alone watching cartoons of Scrooge and indulging in the chips and pop while the ham, potatoes and carrots cooked for dinner. A few gifts I bought for him and for myself, and wrapped myself, are still under the tree unopened. I know what all of them are - 
No family to share with but he did surprise me with a gift I had no idea that he made for me and smuggled into the basement, where I rarely go...
Not everyone necessarily welcomes this time of year.


  1. Yes today is different for everyone. Perhaps there will be some other "surprises" in store for you...the day is not yet over!

  2. There were two other surprises. It was a nice holiday after all especially with phone calls from our friends in Alberta...


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