Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Personal Introduction to My Readers

Calico Kitten
Hello and Welcome to my Blog, dear reader. 

My name is Stephanie; I live in a tiny hamlet called Emerald on Prince Edward Island in the extreme east of Canada called the Maritime. My husband, Merrill and I live in a little house on a local dairy where he works. Four cats share our home and our lives: Molly (Drama Queen), Sassy (Matron), Emerald (Princess) and Winston (School Boy). These are accurate descriptions of their personalities right now. I say right now because their dispositions change over time. 

We moved to the island two years ago in a seven day road trip from Penhold, Alberta with two overloaded vans, an encumbered, homemade box trailer and three loudly complaining cats in carriers. As much of an adventure that it was, it’s not one I would care to repeat any time soon. 

I was brought up with cats as a child and have raised and rescued cats and kittens many times over successfully, these experiences have included finding and securing excellent homes for them when necessary; sometimes nursing them back from the brink of death. I have made my own cat foods, experimented with various organic cat litters and performed my own brand of naturopathy when the occasion called for it. 

I can write an ad to find a home for a six month old stray or an abandoned throwaway and get a call the same afternoon once the post goes live. I can offer stories of my own involvements with my companions and the experiences of friends; one whose family operates a dairy and is listed as a ‘colony’ for stray and barn cats. Another who works with Humane Societies to catch, to provide care and find homes for.  I can also offer advice, recipes for homemade treats and an upcoming eBook that Merrill is working on with designs for a totally unique cat walk that can be set in front of a window or over a tv area in your home. 

It is my intent, dear reader that you will find some of this information entertaining, helpful and just plain fun to read. I hope you will follow me in my new venture with this Blog and gain insights, wisdom and more enjoyment from your own furry friends as some of it will be told by them. I will be including pictures of my cats to share them and their dazzling temperaments with you as I introduce them to you, one at a time and share their stories.
Thank you for stopping by and if you love cats, add me to your follow list. If you have a Blog, I’d love to have the link. 

Stephanie   a.k.a. Catspaw

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