Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marriage and Sacrifice ~ Choices To Make

wedding preparations

As you know my husband and I live on Prince Edward Island in Canada. All of my family is in Kelowna, BC making it impossible to visit without having both money and time availability. 

My niece is getting married on May 12th! 

Candles and flowers
My hubby has a way that I could go but he'd have to stay behind...
Flying clear across a country isn't cheap at the best of times, even with his overtime pay. Its finally May ~ I never thought I'd be so happy to see the backend of April! ~ and its time to start prepping for the field work on the farm so things are about to finally get busy, that's the other reason for his staying behind.

I could go ~ I haven't seen my family in about two years now ~ I could have a great time getting off this island, away from the winter's hardships, enjoy myself at my only niece's wedding... but, I'd be leaving behind a man who deserves a vacation more than I do. He's a very dedicated, married man and a very hard worker and provider. I decided against attending the wedding. His overtime can be better spent catching up on our credit cards and a bill or too. Besides, I just applied for a job and will be hearing about it next week. So I have to be available, and here. Its an island and unless you have 'people' here and are not from 'away', you don't have much chance of finding work during the winter and you have to apply in early spring to get anything at all.

A Wedding Day is a very BIG DEAL! One of the biggest in your life but there is something even bigger.

bride with flowers

Your Wedding Day takes one day in your life; your marriage takes the rest of it.

Marriage and self-sacrifice go hand in hand. I think he was just a little upset that I decided not to go especially after he found a way to arrange it so I could. Men are problem solvers after all and he's a very creative one. He understands my reasoning though. Yet another aspect of marriage - sacrifice, when needed and not when needed. Its a choice



  1. Hey Steph,
    Your words are so true! Merrill is a wonderful husband and you understand what it takes to make marriage work. Sacrifice is part of that, loving selflessly. We wish you could both be here, but the example you set is a testimony of your own marriage.

    Love and hugs to you both! SW

  2. Thanks, Shandra. I needed to hear that. We both hope Alicia and Tim have a wonderful Wedding Day. Send Pictures and wish them both all the very best from us.


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