Monday, December 10, 2012


A comment from a visitor has informed me that two of the links on the right side of my blog; Veggie Fella and Tammy Downey's Blog Love To Create, take you to their site but an error appears on the page.

They do work but you will need to click on the Blog Archive to bring up the current blogs.

I don't know what is causing this so I will contact both site owners and let them know to check it out. Thank you for your patience. 



  1. In regards to the links, I noticed that on the search line the link comes up with the http:// at the end of the line. It should be at the beginning. Can you go edit it from however you posted it?

  2. ok, investigated some more. Noticed that if you click on the "home" link on the page that does come up, it takes you back to the page that would load normally.

  3. Rechecked my links, the HTTP was in there twice; removed the one at the end. Works now

  4. Spanks, Stephanie, making all them errors heh heh; How's the cats doing?


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