Monday, February 20, 2012

New Technology For A Cat Collar With Bell

There many people and pet owners nowadays who are concerned that a cat collar with bell is harmful to the cat. Being a cat owner myself, I have four of my own and at times, they have worn a cat collar with bell. There are mixed opinions that these collars are dangerous to the animal so the industry has produced break-away cat collar with bell. These have helped to save many a feline's life because they snap open, giving instant freedom, should the cat become entangled or trapped somewhere. Whether the entrapment is the result of the cat collar with bell itself or just the kitty being caught is unknown. What is known is cat collar with bell that are break-aways have saved lives.

Now there is a new type of cat collar with bell on the market that has become available online. In an effort to help counteract the escalating death rate of masses of wild bird species that are being slowly eradicated by our domesticated pets each year, this new cat collar with bell is a unique new technology. The cat collar with bell in fact sends an audio and visual alarm that is triggered by the cats own mobility when it propels itself at a bird, giving our feathered friends the critical time they need to escape. Seems the modulation of the audio alarm is menacing only to the birds but has no effect, harmful or otherwise, to cats or humans, making the purrfect cat collar with bell for your pet.

One survey out of the UK documents that up to 75 million fowl, of differing species, are dispatched every year by their 7.5 million domestic cat population; not only that but this alarming survey points to the fact that its the songbirds, like thrushes, that have endured the most unrelenting drop in their numbers in recent years. Because our felines employ varying methods to pursue their prey, these movements don't activate the alarm on the cat collar with bell so your pet cat can still stalk mice and rats without any impedance from the cat collar with bell.

Finally owners and lovers of our pet cats have the power to protect and preserve the birds that land in our baths and eat from the feeders we take such pains to put out each spring. We can now make their environment safer for them and for our cats without reducing the little carnivores instinctive behavior to hunt. Another perk is that you can purchase them as a cat collar with bell or without, as only 80 percent of them are fitted with bells. So, what am I going on about? Its called the Liberator®! Lightweight, about the mass of a matchbox, comfy and lasts a long time. Meticulously tested, it forewarns intended prey while at the same time doesn't diminish kitty's natural movements or responses. This new product was created as a reaction to investigative findings that cat collar with bell has absolutely no effect in curtailing the sheer volume of birds cats destroy each year.

The cat collar with bell or without, is £11.95 and a money-back guarantee, you can call the Liberator® hotline @ 01480 414012 to order. For more information go to


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