Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Learned Something Today...

Wisdom is not a natural quality but must be pursued. Sensible people persistently cultivate wisdom, we gain it by respecting God and making careful choices.

Fear of the LORD

Fear implies respectawe and (at times) knee-knocking terror.
It also acknowledges that everything, including knowledge and 
wisdom, comes from total dependence on God

The fear (Respect for) of the Lord lead people toward humility and away from pride.

Fear (Respect) of the Lord recognizes God's central place in the  order of the world. God is the Creator and Master of all things.

With such an attitude, readers of Proverbs are more apt to listen to 
God than to their own independent judgment.

Those who fear (Respect) the Lord receive wisdom because they begin to understand that everything is under God's rule and in  his service. This is more than just an attitude; it is a way of living that takes 
Jesus knocking at a door
Open Your Door to He Who Knocks
into account God’s power and authority and our ultimate 
accountability to him. The foundation of wisdom is God himself. 
No wisdom exists apart from fear of the Lord.

Wisdom is closely connected to righteousness and remains 
distant from evil. According to Proverbs, wisdom is gained 
through observation and experience, from instruction based on 
tradition, in learning from mistakes and finally, but most
importantly, through divine revelation.

I Read My Bible Every Morning for the advice and counsel I need to learn and use Wisdom correctly


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