Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Bone To Pick With FB

You know how many people are on Facebook right... Well, I have to tell you just how disgusted and disappointed I am with FB's so-called, new setup when it comes to playing games like Cityville and Frontierville. Are they or are they not merely devices to get into your pocketbook! 

Why?  Now you have to find the items you ask for in the games as they are NOT immediately apparent on the front page of FB like they used to be. If that's not enough, they post your requests on YOUR FB page!  How many people are going to log into your personal page to click on the icons you need?  I ask you and that is the only place they go that I have seen. So nobody knows what you need and FB, with their fancy new setup has made it so difficult for you to gain the items you need to play these games that they claim are so wonderful to play, that you end up spending your hard earned money and racking up credit card debt by buying the city cash and horseshoes that you need to play these money-soaking games, yourself. So basically, Facebook has you playing these games with YOURSELF because they have made them almost impossible to play with other people.  

The games themselves have so many kinks in them that eventually you just give up on them and stop playing altogether! Everything from impossibly slow loading and half loading to never having enough energy to play for more than a few minutes at a time to not being able to get the items you need when someone finally does actually send you one! Every time you attempt to play them you are cheated in some way. 

I'm putting this out there because I recently joined two of these games; FrontierVille and CityVille. The games themselves are really nice but to be honest ~ Facebook, with their so-called promotion and the Creators of these games are only interested in getting into YOUR wallet. They spare nothing in forcing you to pay for privilege of playing these games. In fact, so much so, that you can't even start one of these games without a pop-up proclaiming whatever % off towards the purchase of horseshoes and city cash. These games start you off with a little bit of each but then demands that you spend it and that creates the situation where you are constantly buying more online, just to get the simplest things done in the games!

The whole experience has been a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT and I made that known on FB. Just a warning to those of you who do play or are thinking about it and if you think you can't do anything about it ~ voice your opinion LOUDLY on blogs and Facebook. If enough people do this, FB and their game creators have to listen.


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