Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cat Feed ~ Rural Farm Style

Anyone who has cats, or dogs for that matter, knows how expensive it is to maintain pets. Whether you have one kitty or four like I have, when it comes to those 8 kg bags that cost $15 on the low end and up to $27 on the high end ~~ and what's the point of buying the high or middle ground stuff in smaller bags when you pay virtually the same price for them and they last a quarter as long?  You tell me. So with our 4 cats and putting food out in winter to help the barn and stray cats that land here, we just can't afford to keep them all in cat food. I buy the 8 kg large bag of low end food; sometimes, when its on sale, I will purchase the higher end. But that's a rare occasion. 

What to do?!  What I do, when I get the chance... 
Calf Playcenta

 ... and hubby brings home some meat...
Ground meat

Since meat is the primary ingredient in their food, it gets ground up in our grinder...

Meat and Barley Cat Food

and cracked barely gets added. Granted, it looks less than desirable to us but to them...  

Barley and meat cat food

I usually cook it a little bit just to soften the barely some...

You'd be surprised at how fast it disappears. 

Years ago, when we first moved to Alberta from BC, we lived on a feedlot farm; they had tons of cats. I would make up a batch of something akin to oatmeal that they'd eat like crazy over the winter, when prey was scarce. Its one reason they didn't go hungry... and they don't around here in winter either.


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