Friday, April 6, 2012

I'd Like To Tell You...

...about a very good friend of mine and her website. Tammy Downey and her husband Chad have been our very good friends for a number of years now. Since we moved from Alberta to Prince Edward Island two years ago, we have stayed in touch and we check out each other's blogs.

Tammy has a website called Stampin' Up that you can find at this web address: that I feature on my Blog; Welcome to Tammy Downey's STAMPIN' UP site

Like me, she Blogs daily to share the projects she has created and she's done some pretty amazing things. Tammy creates every type of occasion card you can imagine, from 

Wedding cards...
Forever and Always card
to Birthday Cards.
Happy Birthday
This is a Rich Raspberry Birthday Card and here is a 3 Flower Vintage Birthday Card, all made by hand and from scratch.

These fabulous cards aren't the only Heirloom Treasures you'll discover on her site, you will also find some pretty unusual items as well, like this: 
K-cup Holder with an Antique Card
K-cup Holder with Antique Card These are a pair of Hello Business Card Holder Cards that you give with your business card inside! How unique is that to give to that unsuspecting customer or client. You can be sure they will remember you after that!!
Hello Business Card Holder Cards

But I especially love this, 

Hostess Thank You Cards
Hostess Thank You Cards with detachable Fabric Flower magnets.

In one of my favorite colors too! 

Beautiful and re-useable!
Cards with detachable Fabric Flower magnets.
There are a ton of these unique creations and so much more, on Tammy's site and I encourage each of my readers and visitors to visit Tammy's website and explore all the different, unusual and whimsical things she is creating. She offers classes for anyone interested and you can purchase items you fall in love with. 

Please visit Tammy's website at:

or click on her STAMPIN' UP link on the left side of my blog just above My Followers.  Thanks and Enjoy! 

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