Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homemade Cat Tree UPdate

Yes, our cat tree made from well, a tree; has served us and our kitties well. They have loved it and used it a great deal. But just the other day I noticed something ~ odd ~ was happening to our beloved cat tree... Remember this from March 21st?

man put up homemad cat tree
You may recall from my March 21st and 22nd blogs that Merrill cut a tree, lugged it in from the great outdoors and set it up as our indoor sit-and-watch, sleep-and-watch tree, with boxes included for the comfort of our four cats. 
man sawing homemade cat tree in living room

man manuvers homemade cat tree in house
He has been planning to make an even better one, an improvement on this current version and I think this coming weekend of April 7-8th will be the time to do it.
man stablizes cat tree in front window


cat tree in window with boxes
Well, it kinda began, uh, leaning on March 31st. 

Since then I've had to 'prop' it up against the window frame to make it more secure. 
closeup of cat tree in window
To solve this problem I did the following:

Keep in mind these are temporary fixes and another will be built soon.

cat tree rests against window frame
Secured against window frame, temporarily

cat tree and table
With the end table and sofa holding it in place there won't be any incidents of falling over.

Its a good thing to note that while building a cat climber from a live tree is as cheap as getting it from your backyard, some other steps are necessary to keep it from drying out and losing its strength once its brought indoors for use.
cat tree stablized with table
It has served us fairly well for half a month now and although I have a little research to do as to just how to keep it strong, I will share that information with you once I get it figured out myself.

Once version two is build I will share pictures of that one as well.
cat approves of cat tree
For now, its 'Molly' approved for use. 

But I maintain that its a wonderful alternative to putting a lot of money out of pocket, to purchase a store bought cat tree when you want one for your indoor cats but can't afford to spend a few hundred dollars. It may be a cheap way to go, however our cats have certainly used it and enjoyed having a special place just for themselves, that they can go to get away from having to share absolutely everything, all the time. After all, only one cat can fit in a box at a time. Our next cat tree will be quite a bit different and will have more boxes. 



  1. Oh this is terrific! What a great way to save loads of money and re-use items you already have at home.

  2. Condos are the largest kinds of cat trees and before you buy one, you must be sure that you have enough room and you should try to visualize it because the change in the room will be quite big.

    1. I quite agree Cat Food, you really have to do some measuring and make darn sure you have a specific spot for the cat tree; homemade or bought.


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