Friday, April 6, 2012

New Cat Tree Needed, Buuuuuut...

Winston took the cat tree to a whole new level, literally speaking, by creating a new sitting/sleeping spot! Check it:

Cat on homemade cat tree
New highrise level! Discovered by Winston!!

Cats do like to be in HIGH places. Winny discovered this new spot and its been his favorite ever since. Now that the cats love their cat tree, its going to be pretty hard to take it away from them without replacing it with a better built one.

Cat sleeping in boxes on cat tree

Winston, Emerald and on the other side, Sassy.
Cat on top of box on cat tree

Winston is pretty happy about his discovery. Now more cats can fit up there thanks to his ingenuity. 
View of three cats on homemade cat tree
Here's looking at us from their new perches!
This weekend we have off so we'll see about building a new cat tree. If not over the next two days, then a little later. 

Cat tree climbers

Think they are enjoying the views...
Cats love their cat tree
Can you see three cats here?

1. Winston

2. Emerald

3. Sassy
Cat emerging from box on cat tree
How 'bout now....


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